February 23, 2024

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Haute Couture Clothing

Clothing are common items worn around the human body. In most cases, clothing is composed of cloths or synthetic textiles, although over the years it has sometimes included clothing made out of animal skins and other soft thick sheets of various materials and even natural items found in the surroundings. Clothing is categorized into two: primary and secondary. The primary clothing consists of the clothes we wear everyday, the type we buy when we go out to work, school or other social events. The second type consists of clothing that is not worn everyday, but only on special occasions or holidays.

Every garment has a basic structure or a skeleton. This skeleton usually includes a top or a blouse, trousers, leggings, jacket or waistcoat, footwear or boots and a headband tie. A piece of clothing generally consists of three to four parts: the fabric, the undergarment and the liner or collar. The fabric is the outer layer of the garment that is generally made of a coarse, waxy, stretchable material like cotton, polyester or silk. The fabric is the determinant of how the garment will present itself on the wearer.

A majority of people wear clothing based on their mood, the season and their personal preferences. The main article of clothing, which is also known as the dress, is the article of clothing that everyone wears, regardless of the occasion or the kind of clothes they want to wear. The other articles of clothing are the accessories that are worn with the main article of clothing like earrings, belts or jewellery, shoes or socks and outer wear like gloves or hats.

When women began to wear clothes, they used to clothe themselves according to the type of clothing they were wearing. The clothing of yesteryear was categorized into three main categories: house clothes, formal clothing and casual clothing. The women of that time used to clothe themselves according to the type of clothing they were wearing, i.e. if they were wearing a skirt they would clothe themselves with a skirt outfit, if they were wearing a blouse then they would clothe themselves with a blouse outfit and so on. However, as time changed, this system was modified and now many people classify clothing according to the material they are made from and by the colour of the clothes that are worn.

The materials that are used in making a fabric include: rayon, silk, cotton, polyester and wool. These are the basic materials that are used in making up the fabric. Rayon clothing provides the softest feeling of comfort. Silk provides the most luxurious feel and polyester provides a stiffer type of fabric for a breathable and smooth feeling. Most of the clothes that are worn today are made of a blend of these three materials.

One can categorize clothing according to the colouration of the garment. White is considered to be a neutral colour and is used in conjunction with other colours such as black, brown and red. Yellow and orange are considering to be the hot colour combination and are found in conjunction with blue. Citrus colours are very common in conjunction with the colours blue and green. Lace and fringes may be using to make up outfits that are deemed to be haute couture.

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