March 1, 2024

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Fashion Footwear – The Fashion Shoes Guide

A shoe is a delicate piece of footwear designed to protect and cushion the foot. Shoes have also been used as an aesthetic object and piece of fashion for centuries. The style of shoes used in the past has varied hugely through time, with look first being tied to practical function then eventually to social status. However there is now a definite trend for shoes within the younger generations who have a more “trendy” taste in fashion trends.

The most common type of shoe seen on the feet today are trainers, which are normally low to the ground and supported by soles. This type of shoe has two heels, one fixed heel and the other movable heel. Trainers are not usually worn for long periods of time as they are more of a work out shoe than anything else, however they are still a very popular shoe amongst those looking for a casual style.

Flat shoes are a more high-fashion alternative when it comes to women’s shoes. They are designed to provide a slim silhouette and offer a slimming effect without adding any extra weight. Flat shoes are normally stitched to be seamless soles have been added, so no real soul is visible. For a more relaxed feel when wearing heels a woman can choose a mid heel, which will soften the blow of the flat sole and provide a comfortable balance between a lady’s playful nature and her practical style.

A Pointe shoe fits the foot extremely well and provides the perfect balance between comfort and grace, ideal for evening or semi-formal occasions. Pointe shoes are designed to lift the entire foot from the floor to a position of ankle height. Dressy occasions call for a bit more flare and a bit less comfort, so a flat shoe is not the answer. To achieve the perfect evening look a lady should opt for a sophisticated flat shoe with an elegant heel that can be made with materials such as satin or charmeuse.

The most versatile piece of fashion footwear for women is the high heel. This shoe is a staple in every woman’s closet and is an absolute must-have when it comes to wearing stylish footwear. High heels are a great way to add height and can create an illusion of extra height, making ladies look taller. A woman’s choice of high heel can influence how she feels about herself, and what she might like to achieve in the future.

Fashion footwear can be purchased in any one of a number of different styles. These include heels, boots, Mary Janes and more. Each type of shoe has a specific place in the wardrobe. A woman’s footwear can even be affected by her accessories and clothing. If a lady chooses to wear a certain colour of tie or necklace then this could have an impact on what she wears and how she chooses to compliment her look.

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