February 28, 2024

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Fashion Designers And Their Impact On The Fashion Industry

Fashion and celebrity go hand in hand. Fashion is what makes a particular look stylish, while celebrities are what make a particular look memorable. Fashion is continuously changing, especially as technology enhances and helps progress every aspect of our lives; from how we wear our clothing to what we do to our hairstyles.

Celebrities have always been known for their eye-catching outfits and their obvious sense of style. The fashion industry has always followed the fashions and trends that were deemed trendy by the media and the celebrities themselves. Without a doubt, both the red carpet and the award show at the various awards ceremonies are an especially important spot for fashion tendencysetting. While the runways may be where the new year’s trends are revealed, in many instances the red carpet is the place where these trends are creating more readily available to the public.

It used to be true that when a celebrity was spotted wearing a certain item, it was considered “in” or “that” the item had been spotted on the star. This allowed for a lot of copycats and, thus, fakes, until the “in” fashion was defined. Thanks to magazines like L’officiel, which offered glamorous celebrity fashion tips, celebrities who appeared on magazine covers were not only photographed with new items, but also with copies of previous items that they had previously worn. Thanks to L’ Officiel, there was now the chance for a celebrity to be photographed wearing a fashion accessory that they already owned!

As a result of L’ Officiel, celebrities with fashion lines of their own began to feel increasingly comfortable putting their signature designs into the lines of other people. For instance, after appearing on a L’Orient advertisement, a teenage Princess Di was photographed wearing an eclectic mix of clothing that matched her favorite colors perfectly. While this particular fashion designer had only one outfit designed by her, other members of her entourage were responsible for several different outfits from the same fashion house, all coordinated with colors that complimented the different outfits in the photo.

The image of Hollywood stars and their influence on the fashion industry is undeniable. Influential individuals like Marilyn Monroe and Clark Gable made an impression on millions of Americans when they were photographed for the first time. Many of today’s most recognizable faces have their own popular clothing lines, whether they are designers or actors. Even the icons of Hollywood have gotten into the fashion game by creating their own lines of clothing, accessories, and even dolls. Actors who once appeared in just enough films to be memorable have developed their own signature style.

In fact, almost every major Hollywood actor and actress have a clothing line of some sort, whether it is through the ownership of their own company or through contracts with other companies. Stars such as Drew Barrymore and Kate Hudson are responsible for revitalizing the look of many Hollywood stylists and outfits, including some of the most popular prom dresses in the country. Celebrities are so influential to the world of fashion that the Oscars now give out awards for the best dressed stars at the annual ceremony. While many of the award ceremonies that have been handed out in the past have honored merely winners, this year’s honors are taking the award ceremony far beyond just recognizing outstanding talent.

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