March 1, 2024

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Emotional Advantages of Choosing Vegarian & Cruelty-Free Wedding Dresses

What do you remember most about your wedding? I can think of a few things and I am sure they are different for you. However, the one thing that will always come to mind is that the wedding dress was the most beautiful item in the wedding and everyone (even the groom) seemed to know it. For me it was the flower girls and the way my husband kept his hands steady on the wedding ring for the entire duration of the ceremony. Whilst traditional weddings rule and others wedding styles probably never quite die down, you will need your wedding fashion to still be trendy, fashionable and hopefully reflect some of the current trends. But what else should really make a difference?

Fashion is not just about what you wear but how you wear it. This year, following the trend of the year, it has become fashionable to wear “vegan leather” as your wedding dress. So how do you combine the two looks? This article will highlight the key differences and similarities between vegan wedding dresses and your traditional leather alternatives and highlight which styles make the most sense for you.

Vegan High End Wedding Dresses The most common option that brides opt for these days when they are looking to stand out from the crowd in terms of colour, fabrics and style. Asos, Christian Dior and Calvin Klein are just some of the high end labels that offer beautiful vegan suits. Asos has been particularly effective in providing brides with wedding dresses in all the colour palettes: pink, blue, purple, black and everything in between. Christian Dior’s line of bespoke luxury bridal wear offers an impressive range of evening gowns and sophisticated cocktail gowns. These bespoke luxury wedding outfits from Calvin Klein look absolutely stunning and are certainly worth looking into if you have a more traditional style wedding to impress your guests.

Classic Vegan High End Wedding Fashions One of the biggest trends in wedding fashion over the last decade or so has been the rise in the number of bespoke bridal wear options available for vegans and environmentally friendly couples. An Emmy Mae bridal dress from A Pea in the Pod is a highly coveted and beautiful option that many brides are opting for due to its unique, off-the-wall style and unique construction. This highly skilled London-based tailor has created the bridal outfits for some of the world’s most glamorous celebrities – all with vegan suits in every colour from ivory to black! If you want a truly unique and eco-friendly wedding, why not opt for a classic vegan suit such as the Emmett Sheets Emmie Mae Dress from Baby Cowondon?

Classic Vegan Alternative Wedding Fashions There have also been a growing number of high street store brands who have taken up the offer of offering vegan wedding wear. In spring 2021, Topman launched their first vegan range; they offer classic Oxfords, formal shirts, cardigans and skirts, in addition to their brand new Emmie Mae collection. A favourite among celebrities and fashionistas, Topman offers their clothing at a price that won’t break your budget – so you can shop in confidence without worrying about the quality. With a full line of accessories, they’ve also made it easy for you to personalise your ensemble, so you can wear your own name on your jacket or tuxedo! With their cutting edge fashion approach and eco-friendly designs, it’s no wonder that they’re being snapped up time again by brides.

Whether you opt for a simple vegan wedding dresses or something more adventurous, it’s important to consider your own comfort and style during the planning stages. Although there’s nothing wrong with choosing completely cruelty-free alternatives, there are some styles that just aren’t right for you. That’s why it’s important to think carefully about what you want before going ahead and making any kind of investment in organic or silk alternatives – no matter how pretty they are!

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