December 11, 2023

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Beauty – A Choice For All

What exactly is beauty? It’s a question that continues to puzzle artists and philosophers for centuries. Beauty is most commonly defined as a psychological quality of certain objects, which makes these objects enjoyable to see. These objects could be natural landscapes, beautiful sunsets, beautiful humans and unique works of art. Beauty, with art and psychology, is still the main theme of aesthetics, another of the many branches of psychology. Even if aesthetics is not a science in any strict sense, it still has plenty of uses in modern day society.

Aesthetics scholars argue that beauty has always existed, and in some cultures has even been considered a basic human right since before recorded history. In the United States, however, beauty is a concept that is often used by people as a way to judge others. Beauty is a popular subject in fashion industry exhibitions, movie ratings and even in dating commercials. It’s a popular term in television shows, as well as in magazine covers. Beauty is an idol of many people, especially those who are young and famous. One reason why young people have such a strong opinion of beauty is because the media often touts or displays young models and celebrities as the perfect type of person, with expensive cars, designer clothing and expensive lifestyles.

The media, which is largely controlled by the rich and powerful, often plays the role of a critic of beauty. Social media sites such as Facebook allow people to share photographs on the internet that can be commented on by friends and strangers alike. People who comment on these photographs become instant celebrities, and their opinions are frequently shared across the internet. On the other hand, social media sites such as YouTube are used by ordinary people to lampoon, ridicule the lives of celebrities. YouTube also allows regular people to create personal videos that can reach millions of viewers.

Fashion industry expositions give the public an opportunity to see the latest styles and designs in clothes, accessories, shoes, cosmetics and fragrances. At these events, designers show off their latest wares to both consumers and the media. Sometimes, fashion designers also participate in beauty shows, giving the public another chance to see firsthand what beautiful clothes they have designed.

Beauty experts have long felt that beauty is a personal preference, and that everyone has their own ideas about what beauty should look like. The social media has leveled the playing field between designers and consumers, giving the average consumer an unparalleled ability to critique beauty. Companies that showcase their goods in front of the media and public have to take into consideration how the public will see their designs, especially if they are used on the runway or in advertisements. This is why many fashion designers incorporate input from real customers when creating new designs.

In addition to the many social media websites that provide a platform for critiques of beauty, the fashion industry also has its own websites, blogs, magazines, and websites devoted to beauty. Many of these sites showcase the work of established designers and can give potential customers an idea of what to expect when they buy certain products. Some companies even host customer forums, inviting questions and suggestions from those who are part of the buying public. The power brokers of the fashion industry no longer control what is considered beauty. It has become a democratic process based on feedback from the public that determines what items, trends, and fashions will become trendiness in the market.

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