December 11, 2023

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All You Need To Know About Wedding Garments

A wedding or bridal dress is basically the dress usually worn by the future bride at a wedding ceremony. The style, color and ceremonial significance of this dress largely depend on the culture and religion of the wedding guests. In many Eastern cultures, wedding dresses are a ritual performed by elders only. On the contrary, Western cultures value a beautiful and grand wedding as much as the groom. The bride is believed to be the representative of the family and hence deserves it to wear a beautiful and grand bridal dress.

There are various wedding dresses in the market that offer a variety of shapes such as the slender waist, full skirt, A line, princess, cascade, A square neck, empire waist, full length, halter neck, and the silhouettes. It has also been found that there are some women who prefer wearing an A-line wedding dress shape as it offers a slimming effect. Some of these silhouettes are: Mermaid, Ballroom, Ela, Reveal, Garden, Cottage, and Crystal. Each of these silhouettes has been designed to flatter the body type of different women.

Amongst all the types of wedding dress fabrics, satin is considered the most popular as it is light, comfortable, and versatile. This fabric is very easy to maintain and can easily be cleaned with a mild detergent. Apart from that, there is no hassle of ironing, steaming, or dry-cleaning which makes it the most suitable choice for many brides. Other commonly used wedding dress fabrics include silk, net, organza, velvet, and satin. These fabrics are light weighted and do not burden the body, which increases the confidence levels of both bride and groom.

Lace is the other popular fabric used in most weddings. Most of these lace patterns come in formal styles such as ballroom, mermaid, and gowns. Satin is known for its intricate and sophisticated designs and hence has become one of the popular choices for wedding dress fabrics. This style includes dresses made of a single layer of lace, with intricate details such as beading, embroidery, ruffles, and lace trim. Other popular styles include A-line, princess, and tea length silhouettes.

Nowadays, brides choose a totally different style for their weddings. Instead of getting a traditional gown with a full skirt, they opt for chic and ultra chic silhouette wedding dresses. This type of dress gives you a slimming effect and makes you look great in formal as well as informal settings. The best part about these gowns is that they have beautiful short sleeves and skirts and are perfect to wear at destination weddings such as beach weddings, garden weddings and romantic beach weddings. The best thing about them is that they come in various colors such as silver, blue, green, yellow, pink, gray, white, gray, and tan. This means that you can match them with different accessories from headpieces to purses.

One of the latest trends for weddings is silhouette dresses. These dresses feature full skirts with a slight leaner look. The major reason why brides opt for such types of silhouettes is because they give a slimming effect and make the wearer look elegant. You may opt for a simple wedding dress which features an A-line skirt and a full skirt along the aisle. For aisle runners, the best choice would be the classic black ones with a floral pattern.

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