February 29, 2024

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6 More Stylish Wedding Dresses

A wedding gown or wedding dress is the formal dress worn by your bride during a wedding ceremony held in a church or a venue of your choice. The colour, design and ceremonial significance of this dress can vary depending on the culture and religion of the wedding guests. There are some important things that you need to keep in mind before choosing your wedding gown. These points are discussed below:

Selection of Fabric The primary consideration for most brides when it comes to choosing a wedding dress is the fabric. After all, the wedding dress will form an integral part of your day. You need to choose a fabric that best suits your body shape and the requirements of your wedding theme. Different types of fabrics are used in traditional as well as modern weddings. Traditional styles tend to be more elegant and feature elaborate details while modern styles are characterized by plain motifs and minimalism.

Colour The latest trend is heavily influenced by current fashion trends. When choosing a colour for your dress, you should consider the main trend in the market. The brides choosing fiery colours such as red, black, orange, yellow, blue, green are typically influenced by current fashion trends. On the other hand, the classic styles are ideal for long-lasting wear. Black, white and neutral tones are the general styles for classic white wedding dresses.

Short Wedding Dresses The mini skirt has emerged as one of the most popular trends for weddings. Short wedding dress adds a splash of chic to your big day. Mini skirts are often worn during summer weddings as they keep your legs warm and allow you to move freely. Many of these mini skirts have crystals, sequins and embroidery patterns embossed on them.

Sophisticated Wedding Lace This is a style that brides are slowly picking up on. This style combines the best of vintage lace with the contemporary styling of hipster. A short hemline and a delicate lace overlay add elegance to the sophisticated silhouette. Lace-up tulle details add a touch of sparkle to the elegant silhouette.

Satin Dresses Satin is one of those bridal fashion trends that looks fabulous on wedding gowns. The sleek look is perfect for the modern bride who wants to create a modern yet elegant silhouette. Gowns with sweetheart satin ribbons and satin bows are ideal for romantic nuptials. For brides who want a sophisticated yet sexy silhouette, the lace bodice with full ballerina lace skirt is an excellent choice.

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